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In Order to Care for Others, You Have to Care for Yourself

I’m empowering busy parents to compassionately care for themselves through approachable and realistic movement and nourishment. I’m here to help you navigate confusing postpartum fitness culture filled with “bounce back” programs and restrictive diets. There is a much simpler way to achieve your goals. Together, we’ll find your power so you can own your magic.

My Proven Process for Lasting Change

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discover your path

  • Ditch commonly held food rules and assumptions that don’t serve you.

  • Learn what it means to respect your body and how to accomplish body neutrality on your own terms.

  • Gain knowledge on strength training modalities and what works best for you and your goals.

  • Learn what foods make you feel good – both physically and emotionally – and how to best incorporate them into your life.

  • Break down mental barriers to change with grace and nuance



Custom, personalized movement and strength programming.

Done-for-you pregnancy and postpartum training templates.

Monthly in-app exercise programming subscription.


Individualized, realistic nutrition guidance and support.

Self-paced, signature Food Freedom Framework course.


I believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, fitness, and body acceptance. I believe in fueling our lifestyles and our souls with food that makes us feel good. I believe in the messy work, the ups and downs, and embracing trial and error. 

I’m definitely not your typical nutrition and fitness coach. With my nutritionally agnostic and nuanced approach to health, you won’t find any restrictive, fad-diets, but you will find an advocate for autonomy who supports you in making educated decisions for your body.

We’re thriving in the grey area over here!


client love

“ Working with Brittney has allowed me to focus on improving my health and feeling powerful. Plus the strength gains and aesthetic improvements are an added bonus. ”