are you ready

to make a change?

show up for yourself!

what does it mean to

show up for yourself?

It means nurturing your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Showing up for yourself involves self-respect and honoring your desires and needs. It means giving yourself grace and showing yourself the same compassion you would to others when faced with difficult circumstances. It means pushing yourself to conquer the unimaginable and knowing when to set boundaries. Let’s get clear on what you want from your life and create smart goals to help you achieve it – together.

Food Freedom framework

A guided 8 week course to help you finally achieve food freedom. 

diet culture dropout collective

Join a community of like-minded womxn on a 12 week journey to reject diet culture.

one on one coaching

Truly individualized nutrition support and guidance plus custom workout programming.

Thriving in the grey area.

I believe there is not a one size fits all approach to nutrition, fitness, and body acceptance. I believe in fueling our lifestyles and our souls with food that makes us feel good – both physically and emotionally. I believe in the messy work, the ups and downs, and trial and error. I don’t believe in quick-fixes or arbitrary food rules. I believe in eating for both health and hunger. I believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to have performance and aesthetic goals and I believe that our worst still deserves our love.

one on one


Individualized, one on one nutrition and movement coaching spots are now open!