Coaching Should be Compassionate, Purposeful, and Realistic.

One on one coaching is about working with you on incorporating accessible and practical strength training principles into your life. On the surface, strength and fitness coaching may seem like just another set of workouts, but my style of coaching considers your whole-self health. We collaborate to create a training program uniquely tailored to your current fitness, history and experience, goals, and lifestyle.

I want fitness and movement to feel as close to effortless as possible for you..

Imagine purposeful workouts planned and programmed with intention that fit into your life and help you meet your goals.

Imagine objective yet compassionate support, accountability, and feedback.

Imagine gaining strength, expanding your knowledge, and growing confidence.

You have enough on your plate between appointments, meetings, practices, and everything else that goes along with caring for the next generation.

I can help you care for you.

What's Included

  • Personalized training plans based on your current fitness, experience, goals, available equipment, and lifestyle
  • 2-4 workouts per week that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes
  • Custom, progressive training blocks loaded into your portal in the app every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited exercise adjustments, modifications, and changes as needed
  • In-app messaging and encouragement as well as unlimited Voxer support
  • Form feedback to help you learn how to target specific muscle groups or adjust your movement patterns to help mitigate pain and move more efficiently
  • Full access to the ever-evolving Resource Library
  • Monthly coaching calls for goal setting and alignment (optional)

One on One Coaching may feel right for you if...

  • you crave compassionate support in reaching your fitness goals in your current season of life.
  • you want to lean into what fitness means to you in the body you have now.
  • you would like to explore fitness from a body neutral and non-diet lens.
  • you may need help to address and manage any pain or pelvic floor and core symptoms during workouts.
  • you have a need for extra accountability and reliable feedback.
  • you are new to progressive strength training programs.
  • you are returning to training after pregnancy or loss and are unsure where to begin.
  • you’re experienced in progressive strength training but want to eliminate the mental load that comes with planning your own workouts.
  • you desire realistic consistency in your training.
  • you want to recognize how training applies to your everyday life and tailor your exercise to strengthening those movement patterns.
  • you want to prioritize movement when it feels like the odds are stacked against you and there will never be enough time in the day.
  • you value a coach in your corner who is also a mom and “gets it”.
  • you are ready to commit to at least six months of working together. Progress does require time and consistency, but I’m also a mom and a real person. I recognize that this timeline may need to flex and change if life gets heavy or circumstances change.

Realistic results you can anticipate

  • improved strength
  • clarity in your goals
  • increased confidence
  • practical knowledge
  • agency and autonomy
  • healthful habits
  • sustainable behavior change
  • nuance and flexibility

Practical and accessible changes.

Body neutral, non-diet, and size inclusive.

Customized for your fitness, experience, and life.

Compassionate, supportive, and collaborative.

Validation and flexibility when life gets messy.


– carly, one on one client


$ 249
  • Recurring monthly payment

pay in full

$ 1,494
  • Recurring payment every six months

** Please note all one on one coaching services require a six month minimum commitment. You may choose to pay in full or pay monthly with no penalty or surcharges.

One on One Coaching Scholarship

A limited number of scholarship spaces are available for those who may need financial assistance at 50% off. If you have determined that you have a need for strength and fitness coaching at a discounted rate, please submit your scholarship client application here. There is no difference in the amount of programming, support, or feedback between the scholarship and full price options. This is my way of providing more affordable options that honor your unique circumstances, experiences, and humanity while also respecting the value of my time and knowledge.


I work with women and moms who are tired of diet culture permeating every aspect of their health and fitness . Whether you want to work toward healing your relationship with food and your body or just want to feel stronger and healthier, if you’re ready to put in the work to reclaim your life I can work with you.

Three months provides us with ample time to make strides in your nutrition and fitness journey. This is how you will begin to implement truly sustainable habits.

After our initial three months together, you will have the option to continue coaching on a month-to-month basis.

That’s not my jam. I know losing 10 pounds quickly sounds appealing and sexy, but how messed up would that be if I helped you to lose 10 pounds only for you to gain it back or develop unsustainable habits in the process?

We all have to earn our right to intentional weight loss. When working with me, we will first make sure that you are eating enough food consistently before considering weight loss and what that process might look like for you.

I will not. I am not a Registered Dietitian and so it is not within my scope of practice to prescribe a meal plan. Plus, meal plans don’t teach you how to feed yourself or eat intuitively. My goal isn’t to have you rely on me or a meal plan for the rest of your life, but to help you build the skills and confidence to do this on your own. We will work together to build the necessary skills for you to create and build your own meal plans to ensure variety and satiety all while reaching your goals. However, I’m always happy to make meal suggestions to make your life easier if meal planning and prepping is something you might struggle with.

Nope! I will never impose food rules or restrictions on you. I am nutritionally agnostic and believe that the best way of eating is one that works for you. However, if you have certain dietary preferences, I will incorporate them in your coaching.

Yes and no. This depends entirely on your unique circumstances and your goals. We may gently track food with photos or quick descriptions or use a more structured approach with a goal caloric window or macro tracking. Like everything else in my coaching, the method of tracking used will be individualized just for you. Different people have different lived experiences and goals and all of those pieces factor into how we approach nutrition and tracking for you.

Just like tracking your nutrition, this will be highly dependent on what will work for you! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to data collection. If tracking your weight may be triggering, we will use other methods of tracking biofeedback to ensure you are eating enough to achieve your training goals. If you’re interested in maintaining or altering your weight or physical appearance and can do so from a healthy mind space, then we can utilize weight tracking or progress photos. Again – highly individualized and depends on you and your unique goals and lived experiences.

Absolutely. I will never share any information or details of our work together with anyone. The client portal software that I use for all of my clients is both private and secure.

One on One Coaching may not feel right if...

  • you would rather have a done-for-you training program without personal customization, modifications, or adjustments
  • you do not need extra accountability, nudges, or check ins
  • you are looking for a more accessible and affordable training option

If this sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to consider training with Unbound.


Unbound is my signature strength training subscription consisting of progressive training workouts that are loaded into your app every 4 weeks. Unbound is movement on your terms with just 2-4 workouts per week that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. It’s the same body neutral, non-diet, and size inclusive programming and principles of one-on-one coaching without the customization and personalization. Learn more and join the waitlist!

“ Working with you has allowed me to focus on improving my health and feeling powerful. Plus the strength gains and aesthetic improvements are an added bonus.”

– jenn, One-on-one client

" you've made my goals so achievable and accessible that i feel so much more confident. "

– carly, One-on-one client

“ I've never been so confident in the way I'm eating and moving my body. ”

– Sarah, One-on-one client